Alessandro Cappi is an Italian footwear manufacturer, has its roots in the artisan school of decception..
We produce handmade shoes, where all the manufacturing processes are carried out through a highly specialized methodology that has a total of more than one hundred years of experience. The choice, the cutting of the leathers, the sewing of the soles, the application of the uppers are processing phases that only the skilled craftsmen can perform at their best..
Our main vocation has always been based on the ability to meet the needs of major Made in Italy brands by building niche models for them within larger productions. Today these numerous experiences have led us to push beyond our abilities trying to indulge a know-how that feels the need to be realized in all its peculiarities, so we have given life to our brand and our very personal creations..
Parallel to the bulk of this activity, we have always tried to offer a tailor-made service, perfectly suited to the sartorial nature of our work, and therefore personally serving the individual customer in order to offer a unique product, of absolute comfort and which marries every detail. need.a.