The Derby is the classic British gentleman's shoe.

The name originates fromEarl of Derby which in the eighteenth century launched the model.

The shoe type is characterized by eyelet tabs orgambettiwhich are sewnonthe upper part of the vamp, also called open lacing.ta.”

It's a lace-up shoe, whichit can be both smooth and decorated.

The Derby is a basic for every man with a strong style, brown or black of great effect.

Pair with complementary colors for a daily and work look, it's important to keep it in top condition and well polished.

You can play with jeans or cotton pants, but make sure you use a less formal shoe color, such as a tan, ideal for relaxing weekends, with style and comfort.

Since the Derby is a great classic, it is advisable to keep at least the top simple or elegant shirt, t-shirt, blazer or sweatere)

Francesina / Oxford

Francesina is the other classic option, today the most popular among style lovers..

It differs from the Derby because the cuffs are sewn on the insideunderof the vamp, also called closed lacing..”

It's a lace-up shoe. It can be plain or decorated with bands embroidered with holes at the tip. The Francesina decorated with a dovetail tip is also called Duilio.

The alternative name Oxford derives from the fact that they were the university students of the prestigiousUniversity of Oxford to launch the model in the English nobility.

La Francesina is the most elegant shoe ever. Investing in a brown or black pair is a choice that will prove particularly appropriate, at work, for formal occasions such as weddings and important dinners. Alternatively, with a nice pair of dark slim-fit jeans, a polo shirt or a shirt and a jacket, for a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

Also try leather for a timeless style.

It is important to keep it in excellent condition and well polished.

Possibility of making them also for men and women.a.


The moccasin is also a great classic, more beautiful than tennis shoes but still comfortable and relaxing. A bit like being in slippers, but outside the home. Every true gentleman should have a pair.

They have recently found popularity with the introduction of tassels, bows and buckles, mostly of suede, but also of every possible and imaginable color..

Loafers are perfect for summer, so we recommend a twinning with a pair of Bermuda shorts and a white shirt or t-shirt with masculine accessories. They are strictly worn without a sock!!

Loafers are particularly well matched with chinos, cotton trousers, tailored shorts or bermuda shorts, jackets and casual shirts.l.