OUR ITALIAN SHOES, are the sign of a scrupulous selection of raw materials,

of a qualified workmanship and an elegant aesthetic research..

Shoes are made as a thought of love, a precious moment for those who want to pamper themselvesi

and indulge in a long emotion.

Each pair is a masterpiece of perfection, defined and personalized, according to the taste and needs of the customer..

The constructionBLAKE-RAPID, is one of the oldest, it consists in joining the upper and the sole with a double seam, an internally visible one called Blake and an externally visible one called Rapid, which make the shoe very solid and elegant, versatile and light.ggera.

The in-depth study of our materials, Buttresses, insoles and soles, in fact allow a comfortable and comfortable shoe in the fit.a.

The first internal seam assembles, insole, lining and upper to the first midsole, out of shape.

The second external seam, made directly on the last, joins everything to the second sole.

The constructionTUBULAR,is an increasingly sophisticated and difficult to find process,

here the shoe is made without using the internal assembly insole..

It is the upper, in fact, all in leather that wraps the foot on each side, followed by it is applied over a mirror, a seam called a moccasin.

Once the sole is applied, everything is joined with a Blake internal seam.).

Thanks to this artisan technique, the value of this shoe is its extreme softness and flexibility..

Suitable for long summer walks, while maintaining a touch of elegance.

The constructionGOODYEAR,patented by Charles Goodyear in 1839, who invented English shoes.

After the upper, skilfully pulled and nailed on the last, obtains its shape, here a hand-stitched and hand-waxed twine, a soft leather welt in the perimeter of the shoe, on the edge of an assembly insole obtained from a back of natural leather, duly tanned, also fixing the upper and the lining together.era.

Next, the sole is sewn.

In the void that is created, between the insole and the sole, a filling midsole is placed, generally in cork material suitable to adapt to softness and breathability.e).

The result is an elegant, valuable and comfortable shoe at the same time !!

Our shoes are all hand cut, the assembly insoles all in soft leather, the only truly breathable material..

The used Goodyear shoe is paradoxically more beautiful than a new shoe.

With use, it is transformed into a product totally suited to the customer's foot, creating a perfect combination of elegance and comfort..

The constructionNORWEGIAN, it is one of the most laborious processes among our creations, which takes a very long time.

Its realization begins after the upper, skilfully pulled and nailed on the last, obtains its shape.

It takes 2 or 3 seams to complete the work of this complex process, depending on the customer's need, if he wants to obtain a shoe that is more or less wintery and durable over time.o.