The exclusive leathers with which an Alessandro Cappi shoe is made, the quality materials and the artisanal techniques make it a precious object to be kept and preserved with the utmost care. Below you will find some useful tips to keep its value unchanged over time. Try to follow our instructions for proper maintenance, you will discover that a.testoni shoe gets better and better with use. 

General Councils

When wearing your footwear, we invite you to always use the shoe horn so that the shoe does not deform. To facilitate the fit and avoid the formation of creases, we also suggest that you always unfasten the shoe. It is good to dry the shoes away from direct heat sources, since the leather, being a living material, could dry out and crack. If necessary, it is advisable to insert absorbent soft paper in the front part of the shoe to help eliminate moisture. Finally, it is preferable not to wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days, because moisture absorbed by the leather over the course of a day needs at least 24 hours to evaporate.aporare. 


A first cleaning phase is very important to avoid discoloration of the upper. Start with a stiff bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt. Any stains should not be attacked with force, but gently removed using a sponge and neutral soap. If salt stains are formed due to water, it will be useful to remove them with the help of diluted vinegar. To remove stains from suede leathers, very thin sandpaper type 00 can be used, subsequently using a rubber brush to orient the direction of the pile.o. 


It is good to pay close attention to the color of the polish you intend to use, which must be as close as possible to the color of the shoe. It is important to limit the use of neutral tones, which tend to fade the upper. Conversely, using a slightly darker one helps accentuate the skin tone. The polish should be applied a first time with a natural bristle brush, taking care not to exceed the quantity. With the use of a cloth you can then proceed to apply more cream: gentle and rotating movements will ensure perfect uniformity. The polishing of each shoe requires at least five minutes of work and it is absolutely necessary to avoid covering and self-polishing creams, which are quick but very 


It is important to let the polish dry before proceeding with the final brushing with the use of a soft brush, taking care to eliminate any parts of the cream that were overflowing on the sole. For added shine, scrub the upper with a wool cloth, silk stocking or velvet brush. As for suede leathers, we advise you to use a special brush with rubber bristles or thin dottone bristles and, subsequently, the appropriate brighteners.nti. 


All parts of the shoe made of leather, soles and welts must also be treated with creams, to ensure greater care. A good rule of thumb is also to preserve the footwear by keeping wooden forms inserted in it, which help the lining to dry better and, at the same time, perfectly iron the upper. When traveling, it is advisable to put the shoes in the special cloth bags provided when purchasing the product or to wrap the shoe in a soft fabric, in order to avoid scratches.ffi.